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Youji Kudou ([personal profile] slantedcross) wrote2016-08-15 09:42 pm
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thefarshore permissions



Backtagging: yes.
Threadhopping: yes, but ask first.
Fourthwalling: no. dude's got enough issues, thx.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Murder, violence against women, rape, etc is already part of Youji's background, so non-graphic references to that is not going to be too alarming to me. Non-graphic, non-detailed references to offensive subjects like racism or violence, etc will probably also be fine. I am mostly okay with acknowledging these things exist, but I don't want the details.

[Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.]

Hugging this character: Women, yes; men... you can try. I can't guarantee his reaction.
Kissing this character: See above.
Flirting with this character: plz.
Fighting with this character: Let's plan it out first. But the answer will be an enthusiastic yes from me.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): See above, but I will not be up for maiming, loss of limb, or anything that a normal person won't recover from, unless it's REALLY compellingly plotty.
Killing this character: See above again.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Ask me first. I will be helpful if you do!


Blanket warning for violence against women popping up in his thoughts. Especially because he tends to have psychotic breaks and strangle the women he sleeps with ehehehehe.

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