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Youji Kudou ([personal profile] slantedcross) wrote2010-10-14 10:31 am

video post † 005 † 10-14-10

[Youji's a little careless right now. He only meant to check the contacts list for the tenth time, but his motor skills have been compromised by a few drinks. Video opens on a profile shot and tilted a bit to the side; he's thrown his arm across the top of the couch with the device still in his hand.

[The repeated checking was necessary because Youji's eyes have deceived him before. And often. Not that he really expects to have been deceived, because he followed up his initial discovery with a very thorough walk around Somni and Espoir. The Dreamberry can't be tricked, and he doesn't think she would have tried, but the habits of a lifetime can be difficult to break, and his include paranoia, suspicion, and the inability to believe in things without proof.

[Youji sighs a bit, looking tired. Not sleepy, but like he's really had enough of this. You would think it'd get easier, this losing people thing, especially when it comes to girlfriends and/or potential candidates for the same. Names just never stop getting added to the list--Asuka, Maki, Tiffone, Kimika, Schell--and it's well beyond his ability to get to know a woman without getting attached, without loving her at least a tiny bit. Part of him even still has a soft spot for Mayumi Tsujii, much as he hates himself for it. Schell was right; he never was cut out for Weiss.

[Even so, he can find it in himself to be grateful, even thankful, that this is the way it happened. A quiet disappearance. A return home, to where she rightfully belongs, and not an early death. There was no gunshot, no drug overdose, no explosion; no last look, no final kiss, no dying declaration of love.

[He has nothing but fond memories, and no betrayal, no failure to taint that. She was kind, she was pleasant, she cared and had been willing to put up with him. When his worst regret is that he hadn't quite managed to actually get her on an actual date, Youji's willing to count that as a positive experience.

[All the same. He turns to look across at the Dreamberry.]

...when did Good morning, I suppose.

[Not really. It's traditional to make an announcement, isn't it, even when you're fairly certain that everyone who would have looked already has... Ran did so for Omi, and Aya-chan for Sena.]

Best I can tell, Iris isn't in Somarium any longer.

[It never gets any easier.]

I suppose if someone feels like commiserating, this is the venue.

[He can't think of a good closing line for that, so the video simply snaps off.]

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