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Youji Kudou ([personal profile] slantedcross) wrote2010-12-06 01:34 am

video † 006 † 12-06-10

Hello, Somarium.

[Youji is out of frame, but the Dreamberry is very much focused on the doorway of the flowershop, Nectar.]

The very strangest thing--it being the season and all, I went to place a sprig of mistletoe in our shop doorway. But it seems there's one already there. Fitting for a flowershop, but I'm wondering who got the jump on me.

[Youji shifts around so that he's standing beneath the mistletoe now, smiling in a rather cocky fashion.]

As I said, though, 'tis the season! We've got poinsettias and Christmas roses looking to brighten up someone's window or place setting, and as a special bonus, I happen to need a Christmas date.

[He winks.]

What do you think, ladies? Hoping to see you soon!