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Youji Kudou ([personal profile] slantedcross) wrote2011-06-05 08:00 pm

video † 1 † 6-5-11

[If you think Youji looks out of place sitting in a field of grass, you're right. As he turns on his Dreamberry, he can be heard muttering things about grass stains and his gratitude that his expensive Armani slacks are not here if one listens carefully.

Slightly easier to perceive is the brief look of surprise on his face, as he sees the date. He shakes his head and gives the camera a lightly wry smile.]

Does anyone ever get tired of hearing 'I've been asleep for a week, what did I miss?' Permit me to shake things up a bit. Last I knew, it was February, and I was in my apartment. Now it's June, and I'm in the middle of the field.

I've lost nights before, but this is pushing it just a bit.

[He smiles genially.]

A lesser man would probably give up drinking at this turn of events, but thankfully, I'm not that fragile.

[Private to Weiss]

I don't expect explanations, but something cold and stiff would be appreciated. And nothing work related is meant by that.